Hellyeah – Band of Brothers

Hellyeah – Band of Brothers

30 Luglio 2019 Off Di Artis Teatro


Here is the third release for the supergroup … Helllyah. The band is:
Chad Grey (Mudvayne) – Vocals
Greg Tribbet (Mudvayne) – Guitar
Tom Maxwell (Nothingface) – Guitar
Bob Zilla (Damageplan) – Bass
Vinnie Paul (Pantera) – Drums

This album is a heavy, pounding, southern rock, birthday celebration band, fair time, drink till you fall sequence of tunes. Nothing on this album “pushes the envelope” or challenges any genre of music, nonetheless that’s no longer what Hilyeah narrate out to compile. For individuals who want a fair rockin ‘album, and revel in any of the bands that these guys came from, you’re going to love this album. There undoubtedly appears to be to be more of a mixing of kinds on this file, in contrast to Hellyyeah’s earlier two releases. Taking note of the tracks, it’s likely you’ll perchance perhaps perchance also hear the advanced Mudvanyne arrangements, the Nothingface riffs, and for sure (and most modern) the Pantera sound.

The album begins out genuine with the brutal “Conflict in Me,” my current word on the album. Next is “Band of Brothers,” which has a nu-steel / Slipknot riff all the intention in which by. The refrain turns support to a fair ol ‘southern steel bid along.

“Rage / Burn” has a crunchy guitar word that builds into the screaming refrain. It’s a song about living on “10” and self destruction. Then we solution to the album’s biggest birthday celebration song, “Drink Drank Below the affect of alcohol.” It’s a fair tune, nonetheless they more or much less lost me on your total “There’s only two reasons, that we showed up right here. To birthday celebration and kick some ass, and we’re nearly out of beer.” Yeah that used to be comical after I noticed it in “Dazed and Stressed” support in ’93, nonetheless it completely appears more or much less conducted out right here. Even supposing I’m sure that the total rednecks at the concert occasions will delight in it and weep along!

Then we solution to “Bigger God.” This song has a amount of tempo adjustments and diverse arrangements. The refrain has Chad sounding like Stephen Pearcy in an early Ratt song. It’s an OK tune.

Next is my least current on the album, “Between you and Nowhere.” This song is a straight on Alice in Chains rip-off … and no longer even end to besides they did it. Carry out no longer prefer it.

“Call it Indulge in I Take into fable it” teases with a chugging nonetheless slack initiate, than it kicks into beefy force. Prison refrain, and it gets the album support heading in the correct course after two no longer as much as stellar tracks.

The following song, “Why Does It Continually” is a conventional heavy steel intercourse tune, lamenting the truth that it by no system lasts as passionate and loopy as it used to be in the starting … and did I hear some cow bell? …

“WM Free” is a song dedicated to the discharge of the West Memphis Three (in the occasion you compile no longer imprint it, it’s a lengthy and titillating fable.) It is a rocker with somewhat more of that Slipknot form driving guitar riff.

Tune 10 is “Dig Myself a Hole.” Here is ready as radio ample a word as it’s likely you’ll perchance perhaps be going to compile with these guys. Roughly a “poppy” refrain, no longer one amongst the finest on the album.

Closing word on this release is “What it Takes to Be Me.” This one rages. Enormous album nearer.

Total, a fair nonetheless no longer righteous album. Again, Hellyyeah is what it’s a ways. For individuals who like Pantera fashion music, screaming vocals, mixed with somewhat southern fashion and nu-steel, you’re going to revel on this.