Gli errori di trucco ad alta efficienza 10 e la moda per risolverli

Gli errori di trucco ad alta efficienza 10 e la moda per risolverli

2 Agosto 2019 Off Di Artis Teatro


Time and time all over again, as a susceptible professional NYC dancer, I witnessed intellectual younger ladies poorly placed on tons of makeup earlier than performances. In my 10 years of dancing I noticed how, successfully, gruesome, disagreeable at the support of the curtain makeup abilities can salvage! Make-up can support create basically the most efficient that you would possibly imagine model of ourselves. As a makeup artist I realized solutions to stress our easiest aspects with makeup.

Right here is my checklist of High 10 Efficiency Make-up Errors in no particular divulge.

1) MISTAKE: Lack of Eyebrows! WHY? When there are no eyebrows we lose the emotional expression of the face.

FIX IT: So to create a natural undercover agent then an eyebrow pencil spend a pressed mineral peek shadow powder. Utilize a coloration that either suits or is a small darker than your be pleased hair coloration. To accentuate and body the eyes spend an angled eyeliner makeup brush to absorb within the natural form of the eyebrows.

2) MISTAKE: On the inner of the decrease lash line the usage of a shaded pencil eyeliner. WHY? Right here is a enormous makeup technique for style presentations, print commercials, TV, and in person but now not for performances on stage. Throughout a stage performance it makes eyes undercover agent smaller.

FIX IT: A WHITE Highlighter Pencil on the outside corner of the eyes and on the inner decrease lash line will originate eyes undercover agent larger and brighter.

3) MISTAKE: Making spend of shaded liner beneath the peek and in to the a long way internal corner of the peek. WHY? It provides the peek a extremely spherical appearance, you’d like more of an almond form. It goes to generally give the undercover agent of being “inappropriate-eyed” to the dancer.

FIX IT: So to enact the more trim form spend a darker brown peek shadow with an eyeliner brush as a liner beneath the peek. Launch beneath the pupil and brush out following the natural curve of the peek.
Affect NOT be half of the easier lash liner and the decrease lash liner. Now not connecting these lines provides you the appearance that the whites of the eyes are very enormous.

4) MISTAKE: The darkest peek shadow contour coloration that’s too shut to the nose and too high on the crease of the peek (as much as the eyebrows). WHY? It takes the total emotion out of the eyes. It provides the undercover agent of helpful shaded holes. For the an identical cause the “Smokey-eyed undercover agent” does NOT work on stage performances.

FIX IT: Be obvious that the shaded contour coloration stops earlier than it nears the eyebrows. Apply the shadow with an peek shadow brush that’s puny and angled. When at the side of darker contour coloration to crease space of ​​the peek level of curiosity on the outer half of the peek and enact now not bring the shaded coloration too a long way in towards the nose.

5) MISTAKE: No foundation utilized for stage performances. WHY? Wearing makeup and not utilizing a foundation will now not arise when you happen to salvage sweaty. It would possibly maybe undercover agent blotchy and never touch-up successfully.

FIX IT: Rising a tidy, matte surface for the makeup requires foundation. When choosing a foundation spend a lightweight, mineral oil free / non-comedogenic, water-resistant foundation. It would possibly maybe defend makeup having a see refined and tidy all day long!

6) MISTAKE: Weaving spurious lashes which will in all probability be either too helpful or too thick. WHY? Since stage lighting fixtures arrive down from the head, enormous lashes originate a shadow beneath the eyes. It would possibly maybe originate your eyes undercover agent closed, sleepy, or heavy.

FIX IT: If the lashes are a demi / half lash then they’re going to now not need to trimmed to suit the peek otherwise elegant them to suit. Always elegant from the outside edge. False lashes which will in all probability be longer on the outer edge and salvage shorter as they glide towards the internal peek are basically the most efficient different. Build away from outsized lashes and opt ones that be conscious about the outer third of the peek.

7) MISTAKE: Unfortunate makeup coloration choices frail for stage makeup. WHY? Correct because we witness a makeup coloration on TV, doesn’t indicate that this can work for a stage performance. On TV when makeup is executed, colours can match outfits, be more understated and more “in vogue” neatly-liked. Our main cause on stage is to originate sure the facial expression and aspects would be considered and the dancer looks to be like striking beneath severe stage lighting fixtures.

FIX IT: Build on goal tones to bring out the innate beauty within the dancer’s face. Also there are goal rose-toned lipsticks that undercover agent shapely. Vivid crimson is now not better! If intellectual crimson apparent lipstick has the audience is distracted from the performance then it isn’t serving its cause.

8) MISTAKE: A sharp line for blush or too mighty blush. WHY? Too mighty blush or a sharp line can originate performers undercover agent harsh or ancient.

FIX IT: Neutral rose toned or crimson / peach toned colours. The different attend is these colours will work on all pores and skin tones – lightest to darkest. To create a soft line space your brush at the hair line and brush ahead, mix upward around the apples of the cheeks. It’s serious to now not allow blush to dip beneath the lip line.

9) MISTAKE: The usage of too mighty glitter. WHY? In the event you spend glitter is on all the issues of your face, body, and costume it is extremely distracting to the audience and sentences.

FIX IT: Have interaction one part that you can spend glitter on. Utilize glitter to your hair, or spend a intellectual white to highlight your cheekbones, or try a crimson glitter lip. The necessary part is to take ONE a part of the body now not all the issues to your “glitter-fitti!

10) MISTAKE: Need more makeup. WHY? On account of the energy of stage lights and the gap from the performer to the audience, the facial aspects are inclined to lose their dimension. Facial aspects “flatten” out when you happen to enact now not absorb passable makeup on.

FIX IT: Apply makeup so that it is shaded passable to witness your aspects without power from the Eighth-10th row. Stage lighting fixtures is makes it mandatory to wear makeup when you absorb gotten a natural undercover agent on stage. But all over again, because you noticed the undercover agent on a dancer on TV, doesn’t indicate this can work on the stage.